Best Instagram Plugin for WordPress

According to Statista's data, the users of the chart are increasing every month. Would you like to get more followers and visitors by combining your blog with your WordPress infrastructure and your instagram updates with the instagram add-ons for WordPress?



wordpress için instagram eklentisi


So, what is the purpose of placing your Instagram account on your WordPress website?

Instagram photos are much more engaging and lively than normal web site photos, so your marketer adds excitement.

  • Then you have the option to manage your Instagram content from one place. Many business owners look at their web sites quite often. Most of the WordPress Instagram add-ons can respond to your comments and manage your pictures without leaving your website.
  • This is the perfect way to transfer user-generated content.
  • People who come to your website have the opportunity to increase your Instagram followership, as they may not have thought about tracking you in Instagram.
  • Instagram updates on your site increase participation because people will stay on your site longer to look at the photos.
  • The reasons we mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why Instagram needs to be found on your company's website. It does not matter whether you manage a retail store or a global eCommerce brand. Giving high quality photos to your followers through Instagram is a start, but using that commitment to improve your website makes your social strategy much more powerful.

wordpress için instagram eklentileri


When you start looking at an annex, you can reach very different results and be indecisive. That's why we brought together our favorite WordPress Instagram extensions. Thus, you can shorten the search and decide by choosing the most suitable mark.


How to choose Instagram Plugin for WordPress?

If you have time to complete a Google search for the WordPress Instagram add-ons, you know how the call comes from mixed solutions. I hope this list has helped you better understand which add-ons for you or your company are correct. If you are still debating between one or two, some final thoughts:

  • For the simplest installation - Instagram Feed.
  • If you want powerful feed filtering - WD Instagram Feed.
  • Polaroid and rosette views - Enjoy Plugin for Instagram
  • If you need multi language support - Instagram Widget.
  • Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to view feeds from multiple social networks - Feed Them Social.
  • WP Instagram Widget to publish with your own styles (to apply in your own custom CSS) instead of preset styles.

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