How To Add nofollow Links In WordPress

How To Add nofollow Links In WordPress

If you only need to use the nofollow attribute infrequently, it’s not difficult to manually add the code yourself.

This method is good for any links that you add in regular WordPress content. But if you want to nofollow links in your comments, the plugin in the next section offers a simpler implementation.

To get started, add a regular hyperlink (you’ll make it nofollow in a second!):

Insert a normal WordPress link

Insert a normal WordPress link

Then, select the link and go to the Text tab of the WordPress editor. You should see the actual HTML for your link:

Open the text tab to view the link’s HTML

To add the nofollow attribute:

  • Find the part of the HTML that says href=""
  • Add rel="nofollow" after that part, with a space in between

Add nofollow attribute to link’s HTML

And that’s it! You can now return to the Visual tab of the WordPress editor and continue with your post.

Your link will look 100% normal in the Visual tab, but the nofollow attribute will remain.


How To Add nofollow To Individual Links With The Plugin

To use the plugin’s functionality to nofollow a link, insert a link as you normally would by clicking the Insert/edit link button in the WordPress toolbar.Then, click the Gear icon to open the more detailed Link options interface.You should see a new checkbox for Add rel=”nofollow” to link. Check that box and click Add Link.That’s it! Your link now has the nofollow attribute.

Plugin Name : Ultimate NoFollow Plugin

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