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Welkom op ons klantenpaneel.


Two New Web Hosting Location


We have added our portfolio of Web Hosting products to Holland and US locations to expand our service network. You can reach us from our menu with the option to Order menu.

RaptorForce Update & Maintenance


A comprehensive planned maintenance work will be performed between Wednesday, May 30 at 23:59 on Wednesday, May 31, 2011, to prevent damage to our customers due to disk problems that have occurred due to previous power outages in our RaptorForce server group. After this work, in this server group, 800 Web Sites with Node2 location will be moved to a new node which is newly configured and there is ...

About Interruption


Between Turkey Time: 7.30 and 9 this morning and 15:05 - 19:00, some of our servers experienced an interruption due to datacenter. All of the efficiency censors have been affected intermittently and the solution of the problem has been provided as soon as possible. There was no data loss at all because of a power problem.