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Clientarea Update

Opublikowany: 10/04/2019

We will update our clientarea software today in GMT+3 18:35 & 19:00 -- COMPLETED.

New Features: Invisible Recaptcha

Opublikowany: 07/04/2019

Thanks to the updates we have made on our server, ddos and other malicious visitors are not dangerous for your website! Now, thanks to the invisible captcha, all visitors of your website are filtered by artificial intelligence algorithms in the background, allowing your site to receive only real visitors, and to clean up spam bots. And now with a better http3 performance and improvement of ...

Apache 2.4 Security Issue

Opublikowany: 04/04/2019

Apache 2.4 has discovered a vulnerability and has released a version update. For Apache; https://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/announcement2.4.html For CloudLinux: https://www.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux-os-blog/entry/ea-apache24-2-4-39-1-cloudlinux-major-security-update